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Christmas in a day!

28 Nov
10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Type of Course:

Saturday 28th November
Christmas in a day!


Need time to get all the food ready for a seamless Christmas? If so, this is the course for you. While learning some new skills and recipes we will arm you with a toolkit of jars, chutneys for gifts and food for the freezer to take the edge off the big day preparations.

What you’ll be making….

Buche de Noel

Spiced fig and plum chutney 

Apricot and sausage stuffing

Spiced rum butter mincemeat

Boxing Day turkey curry sauce kit



How the days go….

Arrive at 10am for Aj’s famous breakfast before donning your apron and gathering around our large teaching island. Your cookery teacher will then demonstrate the first dish of the day, with overhead cameras capturing the finer details. Then it’s time for some hands-on cooking, as you head to your fully equipped cooking bay where trays of pre-prepared ingredients will be waiting. Cooking will commence, with your teacher pausing the class at convenient times to demonstrate a new technique, or the next dish.

At around 3:30pm we will pop open a bottle of bubbles whilst we show you how to plate and finish the final dishes on the all important day.

Drinks and snacks are provided throughout the day and evening as well as aprons, tea towels and recipe cards. We also provide takeaway boxes, however, please feel free to help us reduce packaging waste by bringing your own reusable containers.

Due to government social distancing guidelines at Truro School Cookery all events are limited to 5 people. 

Recommended ages 18+ years

We will try our very best to adapt our menus for specific dietary requirements. However, details must be emailed at the time of booking to cookery@truroschool.com. Regrettably recipes and menus cannot be adapted on the day.