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Teenager’s Street Food – Mexican

23 Mar
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Type of Course:

Young Chef

Saturday 23rd March

Teenager’s Street Food – Mexican

Travel the world with us on a global tasting adventure of street food from the bright lights of Bangkok to the carnival scene of Cancun.

  • Mexican Burritos
  • Churros with dipping sauces

Plus a bottle of pressé

£35 per person

Arrive at Truro School Cafe to be greeted with a drink of your choice and a snack to keep you fuelled. At 10am you will make your way through to the teaching kitchen. Your cookery teacher will demonstrate to you the first dish of the day, with overhead cameras capturing every angle. You will then head to your fully equipped cooking bay where a tray of pre-weighed ingredients and a recipe card will be waiting for you. Cooking will commence, with your teacher pausing the class at convenient times to demonstrate a technique, or the next dish. Depending on how we’re doing for time, at 12pm we will sit down for a bite to eat. If you’re interested we might also run through some basic food photography. At 12.30pm you will leave with the ultimate Instagram-able lunch.

*Please register the cookery course in the name of the person attending.*

Aprons, tea towels and refreshments provided, plus enough food for two hungry teenagers to take home.