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Our family cooking days are all about enabling family to get together, cook together and learn together. A family cooking day at Truro School Cookery gives a ‘Big Chef’ and a ‘Little Chef’ the opportunity to spend the day together cooking up a fabulous feast for four people to take home. If you just can’t agree between a beach or a book shop then we have just the thing for you both to enjoy!

  • 10:00 am-3:30 pm
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5th November
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What you’ll be making and learning…….

Aj’s Apricot and sage sausage rolls

Knife skills, pastry work, and learning the difference between good and excellent sausage rolls! 

Catherine wheel tear and shear bread with melted camembert.

Yeasted doughs and breads 

Beef Goulash soup

Knife skills, slow cooking and braising of meat

Toffee apple tart with clotted cream

Sweet pastry, blind baking and tart making

Pecan, marshmallow and popcorn butterscotch balls

Just delicious

Plus a bottle of wine for the ‘Big Chef’ from St Austell Brewery to wash it all down.

£80 for a ‘Big Chef’ and a ‘Little Chef’


How the day goes….

Arrive at 10am for Aj’s famous breakfast before donning your aprons and gathering around our large teaching island. Your cookery teacher will then demonstrate the first dish of the day, with overhead cameras capturing the finer details. Then it’s time for some hands-on cooking, as you head to your fully equipped cooking bay where trays of pre-prepared ingredients will be waiting. Cooking will commence, with your teacher pausing the class at convenient times to demonstrate a new technique, or the next dish.

We will break around lunch time to ensure everyone is well fed and watered.

At around 3:30pm we will show you how to plate and finish the final dishes on your own at home.

Drinks and snacks are provided throughout the day as well as aprons, tea towels and recipe cards. We also provide takeaway boxes, however, please feel free to help us reduce packaging waste by bringing your own reusable containers.

Due to government social distancing guidelines at Truro School Cookery all events are limited to 5 pairs who are happy to cook and eat together 

Recommended ages 8+ years and up

Please register the cookery course in the name of the adult attending.

We will try our very best to adapt our menus for specific dietary requirements. However, details must be emailed at the time of booking to Regrettably recipes and menus cannot be adapted on the day.